Deconstruction Services

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North Shore Architectural Antiques deconstructs residential and commercial buildings. We will not perform any salvage activities without a signed contract that protects the building owner, project contractors, and our business. We waive all liability and hold harmless all owner and assigns. We also have owners and contractors named as additionally insured on our contractors policy. There are three levels of salvage deconstruction services; full, partial and select salvage. Each of these is explained in greater detail below.

Full Deconstruction

We disassemble the building and salvage items of interest and landfill the balance of the materials. We usually only consider this alternative if the building is a commercial stone building, where the stonework is in good condition.

Partial Deconstruction

We disassemble a significant fraction of the building including stone facades and interior elements, but leave the basic structure for demolition by appropriate contractors. This is much more common than full deconstruction and can be completed much more quickly.

Select Salvage

We only remove limited load—bearing structural elements, and limit most salvage to trimwork, stairways, lighting, flooring and plumbing. This is our most frequent type of salvage activity and can be completed in less than 24 hours.

Salvage and Deconstruction Questions

If there are certain building and salvage items of interest please give us a call. We usually only consider good condition items but would like to hear from you.